More Good News, New Photos and a Video

Got the results today, Gel is Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH) Normal. This means he will never develop CEA/CH and can be bred to any mate and will produce no pups affected with CEA/CH. Yea ha!!!! No more worries about tests. Gel is free and clear of all genetic diseases common to Border Collies!!!! Happy dance!!!

I put up some photos, but please note some of them are mislabeled as to names of the puppies (heck, they are all black and white!) and I can’t spell forest correctly. Too much to do, too little time. Processing photos and videos takes a good amount of time. I have more videos to upload, but here’s one of the puppies experiencing their first “challenge.” I hate the degradation in quality of on-line videos!