Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise

I made lacto-fermented Mayonnaise this morning using this recipe and it was a huge success.  The good thing about it being lacto-fermented is that it will last a lot longer in the refrigerator.  I did not go through the last batch of regular Mayo before it was past its supposed fresh date.  Regular homemade Mayo lasts about ten days in the refrigerator (I used mine beyond ten days), lacto-fermented Mayo lasts several months.  In addition, the flavor of the Mayo from this recipe is better than the last one I made.

Wally and I inspected the garden last night.  We have both baby squash and cucumbers growing.  I did not see any squash bugs, but when I water tonight I’ll have a better idea of they are still there or not.  I see the damage that they made and the Zucchino Rampicante seems to be particularly susceptible to the squash bugs.  I’m hoping that I can protect the plants I planted up near the house from the rotten bugs so that I can enjoy them.  What I like about Zucchino Rampicante is that it will grow on a trellis.  I also planted Ronde de Nice, Cocozella di Napoli and Costata Romanesco; all Italian heirloom varieties.  Prior to trying these types of zucchini, I did not particularly care for zucchini, but these are marvelous.

The damn news!!!!  Last night, they said something to the effect that we have already had more heat in June than we had last year at this time.  I do not think that is true.  I looked back in my journal on June 18 and I wrote that we had already had 11 days of 90+ degree heat.  Granted, it’s only June 7, but it’s so typical of news channels.  Bad news sells.  Wally and I enjoy watching Sunday Morning on NBC; it tends to have a more positive feel to it.

I best get ready for work.

Until later …