It’s Saturday …

and I just sent Wally off to work and I have to go as well.  That means only one day off this week for both of us.  My co-worker and I worked our butts off yesterday.  It was stupid busy at the restaurant Thursday night so we came in to almost nothing left that we prepped Thursday during the day.  I’m afraid we’ll come into the same situation today.  Oh well, it’s a job and I do like my co-worker.  We work well together.

Last night while I was milking, Wally watered the garden.  When he was finished he came up and said there was zucchini ready to harvest.  I asked him how big they were.  He showed me they were half as long as his arm.  I said, yea, right.  He took me down and showed me and sure enough, we pulled out three or four of them that size and several small ones.  The big ones are ear-marked for zucchini bread and the others for supper tonight.  We ate the cucumbers we harvested in a salad for supper.  Yea!!!!!

I’m not sure which of the zucchini varieties that produces so well, it was either Cocozella di Napoli and Costata Romanesco; the Zucchino Rampicante and Ronde de Nice are fast succumbing to squash bugs and may not produce at all.  I so hope I can keep them from getting infested in the new bed and that the poultry will eat any squash bugs that make it up here.

Speaking of poultry, Thursday morning while I was putting Mica back up in his run, I saw a single chick standing in the grass.  It looked like the ones that hatched a few days ago so I caught it, located that hen and put the chick with them.  That’s when I realized that it had been hatched later than the other batch as it was considerably smaller.  I knew there was a runner duck sitting in the woods near by where I found the chick and when she passed by me, I put the chick down and off the chick went trying like heck to keep up with the runner duck.  She returned to her nest and the chick got tangled up in the brush so I picked it up and put it back with the hen with the older chicks.  It started to follow them and I had to go to work so off I went.  When I got home that night, I checked the hen and saw that she only had her original seven chicks.  I found the single chick in the pen with the sitting blue hens.  It was very happily going from hen to hen and they seemed okay with it.  The eggs under two of those hens are starting to hatch.  One should be done this morning.  I took her nesting box out of the pen so that her chicks will stay separate from the others.  One of the chicks that was just hatched has a pretty severe wound on his head and I am afraid it may not be alive this morning.  We are going to have chicks, ducklings and hopefully guinea keets everywhere.

Farm life … it can be really fun and rewarding.

Until later …