Barrel Horse Boot Camp

I told Rosie (the horse) yesterday afternoon that starting today, she was going to enter Barrel Horse Boot Camp.  Yesterday was Hell at MM.  For the second day in a row, I was greeted with an almost empty prep cooler.  With school out, they are doing almost twice as much business in the evening than is normal.  I am not afraid of hard work and I am very effective at my work, but two days in a row of this were a bit too much.  I worked from 9 until 4:30 without a break and with very little food and was beat, but I called Wally on my way home and told him to catch the Great White Whale and get her cleaned up as I was going to ride her.

She was a major pill and I feel like if I had not ridden her with the bit that we use to barrel race her in the ride would have gone according to Rosie’s plans, not mine.  This morning, she got a handful of oats and is up in the paddock where there’s very little grass.  I am not sure if I’ll ride tonight or not.  This is Wally’s night to go to the auction and if he’s not around, I do not feel too comfortable riding, but I probably will anyway.  She desperately needs to loose weight: she’s embarrassingly fat; grotesquely fat; Wally said she looked like she was going to have a foal.  It’s all our fault.  After I ride her, I’ll put her out in the main pasture overnight and she’ll spend the days in the paddock.  Since she’s alone, she’ll like fret during the day and exercise herself to some extent.

We’ve been waiting on some people to do things for us related to both horses and they just aren’t coming through.  I wish when people said they were going to do something, they’d do it.  If we want to sell Rosie, and quite frankly, I’m not 100 percent sure now that we should sell her, we are going to have to do it ourselves and in order to do it, we need to get her in reasonable shape and get her out there.  The reason why we haven’t gone to barrel races (except for the one) is that I couldn’t get myself motivated or over my fear enough to get my butt in the saddle and ride her.  I checked the winning times for the senior division at the most recent barrel race and their times were not far off from what I remember Rosie’s time to be and the pen at this particular show is much smaller (which is a benefit for Rosie).  If I am right, that means she’s a pretty competitive horse if I can get her in shape and learn to ride her better.  We have the time to go to the races.  They are usually run on Saturdays late in the afternoons or early evenings.  It’s the conditioning that I was having a hard time finding the time and justification to put into her.  I feel better when I ride; it’s time to find the time and justification.

So we are back to the plan of my riding Rosie during the week, getting my confidence back and then getting back on Sudi using the barrel saddle which is more secure.  I might haul her to South Mountain Saturday morning and ride her there.  The climbing and long, slow miles will help get her in shape.

Shower time and do I ever need one!

Until later …