A quick update

I haven’t had much time to write and my lap top had been running poorly.  I got it fixed on Saturday and like finding a good auto mechanic, it’s great to find a good computer technician.  Interesting thing was that he is the husband of a woman that has been buying farm products from me for a long time now.  She’s been one of my best clients (not because of how much she buys, but because of her attitude towards the farm.  She’s educated and knows what she’s getting and what’s involved in getting it.); she’s even better now!

I haven’t ridden as much as I wanted to.  Life simply interferes sometimes.  Work last week was rough.  I was expecting the same this week, but it’s been the exact opposite: slow!  It’s a good thing because it’s nice to have a break.  They installed the new roof on Saturday which really disturbed my plans which included cleaning the house and cooking.  I am extremely noise sensitive and I was unable to get much of anything done in the house with all the noise on the roof.  The good thing is that the new roof looks wonderful and it’s nice hearing the rain on it.  We got a good shower last night and a little bit more this morning.  Wally and I do the happy dance whenever it rains these days.  I checked the rain gauge this morning and we got about an inch.  It’s nice to see puddles.

I’ve written previously about the issues I’ve been having with my barefoot farrier.  Well, she’s now officially fired.  She told me that she’d be coming out today to trim Rosie, but when I called her yesterday afternoon to confirm, she told me that she wasn’t coming and had no intention of being in the area today.  I have an e-mail from her saying she would be.  Sometimes it’s hard to break away from something that you know and are comfortable with, as I was with her; but she was a constant source of frustration so it’s best that I move on.  Wally and I talked about it and we decided that he’d take over trimming duties.  He’s trimmed horses in the past and I think that with a little bit of trial and error, he can master a decent barefoot trim.  I know of a lot of people that are trimming their horses themselves so I see no reason why we shouldn’t do the same thing.  It will save us a lot of money.

On Sunday, it rained a good part of the day so Wally and I decided to go to a used tack shop that we’d heard about but hadn’t taken the time to go there.  The owner said that he had over 300 saddles in his shop.  He wasn’t lying.  We brought the barrel saddle that we bought several months ago as a trade-in as well as several other pieces of tack that I wasn’t using.  We found a perfect saddle and with the trade-ins, paid very little money for it.  What a huge difference!  The previous barrel saddle was a no-name brand made in Mexico.  The one we got (a Circle Y brand) rides like a dream.  I rode Rosie in it Monday night and it felt wonderful.  I felt perched on the back of the previous saddle, not in the seat as I should be.  I’m in the seat of this one.  Hopefully the trimming will go well and we can take Rosie to a local barrel race Saturday evening.  There’s a benefit ride at a beautiful location Sunday afternoon and I plan to take Sudi to that.

We got about 20 baby chicks running around.  They are incredibly cute.  Their “mothers” are fun to watch and listen to.

I need to get the milk poured off and get in the shower.  It seems no matter how early I get up in the morning, I’m still running late for work.  I guess that’s because I get into doing so much crap in the morning.

Until later …

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