Mica went to a new home yesterday.  He’ll be working on a local sheep farm.  I know he has it in him; but without proper stock, I cannot train him.  The dairy goats, even the kids, will challenge him and that’s not good for a young dog.  Heck, they’ll sometimes even challenge Gel.  The man that took him has a group of young lambs he’ll start him on which is just what he needs.  He’s an experienced Border Collie handler and he’s got a granddaughter very interested in the dogs and sheep.  Mica will have a job and I know he’ll be happy and well cared for.  It’s a shame that we can’t hang on to every animal here, but money is tight and we can’t keep animals just because or just in case.  If something ever happens to Gel, and that will be a very, very bad day, we’ll have to buy a well-started dog with enough power to move dairy goats.

Our hay house was destroyed Wednesday night.  I don’t know what woke me up out of a sound sleep; I looked out the bathroom window at the building and saw it wasn’t right.  My brain was still fuzzy from sleep and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I went outside … naked … in the pouring rain.  The rain quickly woke me up and I soon saw what was wrong:  the top had been torn off.  It wasn’t a bad storm, but the winds must have hit it just right.  I covered the hay as best I could, but with the heat and humidity that we are experiencing, it is not going to be salvageable. Good thing it’s insured, at least partially.  I don’t know what we are going to do in place of this building.  For now we’ll put a tarp over the frame so we can use it for hay storage, but that’s only a temporary fix.  It sucks not having a barn.

The goats are calling.  Off to milk.  It’s going to be weird not seeing Mica running around.

Until later …