It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m still going …

To the cattle trial that is.  Only one more day to chicken out.

I’ve decided not to try to bring Josey into the house any more.  She doesn’t like it and it stresses her.  She’s not going to live in the house when she goes back to Joe’s so there’s no sense in trying to get her to adapt to life in the house while she’s with me.  Tonight we work on recalls.  She’s quite food driven so it should be easy work.

Tonight I plan to take the calves out into the back field and work with panels.  I was thinking about making panels in trials.  Hmmmm, if I’m working with cattle, I wonder if I’d get extra points if instead of making the panels I negotiate them such that the cattle knock them over.  I mean, doesn’t it take more skill to maneuver the cattle so that they take a panel down rather than go through them?

This morning I reset my ElectroNet and while I was doing it, I let the three dogs run loose and play.  After it was set, I put Josey up and let the sheep out while I got ready for work.  It takes the sheep a day or two before they figure out where the “gate” to the ElectroNet is whenever I move it.  This morning it was in a new place so Gel had to work hard to keep them going in the right direction.

Last year, we’d play ring-around-the-ElectroNet and any other obstacle that might be on the property before we’d get the sheep where we wanted to put them.  That doesn’t happen any more.  It’s nice to see little bits of progression like that.

Many people do not realize that Gel has eye.  He does and it gets him in trouble.  It can sometimes draw him in on his outrun and it slows down his driving.  I wonder if people don’t see it because he isn’t as stylish as most Border Collies who have eye, or maybe it’s harder to see because he’s so black.  I see it in his ability to hold stock in place; this wasn’t always the case, he used to be quite loose-eyed.  I wish I had a camera with me this morning because he was awfully pretty working.  He was wet from the grass and the heat of his body caused the moisture to steam off him.  The intensity in his glare was gorgeous.