A few quick pictures

Here’s a stand-off between Tess and Josey. Click on any photo for a larger size.

Stand Off

Who’s tougher than who?

Who's the tough one?

Roping in the wild Border Collie:

Border Collie Roping

Border Collie Roping

Ted, the dog whisperer, it’s all about your calm, assertive presence:

Border Collie Roping


2 Replies to “A few quick pictures”

  1. I liked your pictures… and reading your posts. I have a small farm in Scappoose, OR am 63 year old gal and am only sorry I did not discover the Border Collie sooner.

  2. I just bought a new small camera that I hope to be able to carry around with me more to catch more shots like the ones above. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sorry I didn’t discover Border Collies sooner as well.

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