Yesterday, Wally and I spent some time doing beautification projects.  He’s been off for the past few days thanks to the Fourth of July holiday so while I was at work, he worked on cleaning up.  He washed all the mold off the front of the house (this is a project that needs to be done every other year) and cleaned up all the crap around the dog runs.  On Saturday, the landlord came and moved the pile of gravel that’s been sitting at the base of the driveway for over four weeks.  I replaced some petunias in pots in front of the milk parlor with yarrow and moved the petunias to a hanging basket made out of an antique milk filter.  I’ve had this milk filter for over a year now and we finally got around to making it into a hanging basket and using it. Things are looking really good around here now.

We also cleared out the squash and cucumber plants that I planted in the bed near the house.  The chickens were well on their way to destroying them so I figured we’d clear them out and prepare the beds for carrots and beets.  Carrots can be planted starting July 15, beets August 1.  I’m going to try pelleted carrot seeds this year.  I have a hard time planting tiny seeds.

I sure wish I didn’t have to work today.  I’m hoping it will be slow and I can get out relatively early.

Until later …