It’s Friday and guess what?

I’m still planning on going to the cattle trial.  I have my list going for a trip to WalMart tonight and I have started putting what I need to take with me in the mud room so I can load the car tonight.

I didn’t take the calves out like I planned last night.  Josey and I had a go-round which but me in a bad mood so I elected not to work Gel. 

It is never a good idea to chain or kennel a Border Collie where it can see stock.  If you do, they’ll be “working” all day long, if only in their minds.  Joe kept Josey on a chain where she could see sheep, cattle and chickens.  She killed a few chickens at his house.  She waited until they were within striking distance and grabbed them.  She grabbed one of mine last night.  Luckily I was right there and was able to (1) rescue the chicken and (2) correct her for doing it.  Then I brought her in to where the chickens are kept and every time she made a move with the intention of grabbing hold of a chicken, I corrected her.  Then we went into the duck pen and I did the same thing.

Because she’s been “working” while on her chain for the past few months, I think Josey is suffering from a lot of pent-up desire to work.  She wants to work, but right now she’s so hot, all she’s doing is running in and laying teeth.  Not something I want to work with so she will not be put on stock while she’s with me unless (until) I have a rock-solid stop and call-off on her.  I know Joe wants to keep the bite in his dogs, but I’m not going to allow her to chew up my poultry or sheep.  Also, it is unknown at this time if the bite is due to lack of confidence or a true bite.  I can see why Joe hasn’t put these puppies on sheep yet.