I must have done something wrong in a previous life.

I was thinking while at work yesterday I must have done something seriously wrong in a previous life and now I’m in my own private hell.  Damn, that place is starting to become a serious drag.  Sure, it’s better than Wal-Mar to Walgreens or practically any other retail job, but it still sucks.  The work is hard, my hands are giving me a good amount of trouble lately.  At first I thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome, but I had a friend who is a massage therapist look at my hands and he said it wasn’t carpal tunnel, which is a good thing.  It’s nothing more than over-use.  I still work alone Tuesday and Wednesday and the amount of work involved is tremendous, even when there are two people working.  Not sure if I prefer working alone or not.  The utter laziness and lack of pride in their jobs that so many of the other employees exhibit drives me mad.  I try to slide into that frame of mind and slack off, but my work ethic is simply too strong.  Wally is having similar problems with his new job.

There is a new hotel opening up in Lincolnton.  Originally it was supposed to open in June of this year, but the sign was changed to simply 2011.  Many, many, many years ago, I worked at a Marriott hotel in the office and I really liked the job.  I’m watching closely for advertisement of a job fair and you can bet I’ll be there with bells on.

The day ended well.  Marcus finally showed up with his small tractor and cleaned out the goat shelter.  There was more manure and soiled bedding in there than both Wally and I thought and now we have a HUGE pile for compost.  Now we will never have to bring in manure from other locations which closes the circle in our sustainability.  I was actually glad it didn’t rain last night to give the ground time to dry up.  The chickens and the goats are having a great time climbing the pile.  Now we need to be diligent about cleaning out the shelter so that it won’t build up as much as it did.  While I recognize that the deep bedding/manure pack is the ideal way to manage manure, we don’t have easy access to power equipment to move it when the time comes.  We have to use primitive means of moving manure and soiled bedding: a shovel and a wheel barrow.  I sure wish we had a manure spreader, but we don’t.

I started to abide by our plan to be diligent about keeping the shelter clean and hauled down a wheelbarrow-full of hay that fell on the ground to feed to the cows and horses.  Once the hay falls on the ground, the goats won’t touch it … well, maybe that statement isn’t set in stone because you can bet when I bring them down to the back pasture, they’ll consume some of the hay that I brought down there.  If they think they are stealing something, then it’s okay to eat.  Rotten creatures.

Until later …

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  1. We’re all sitting around rubbing arnica salve on our hands and wrists this morning—and not only us, but several of my friends have complained of aching hands and arms. What’s up with that?!

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