I need to tape a camera to my forehead

Then I can share with those that read this journal what I try so hard to describe in writing:

Da big manure pile:

Rosa Bianca Eggplant:

Scarlett Runner Beans:

Not in focus, I know, what you give up when you are using a point and shoot camera.  This is Heather, an Oberhasli/Alpine X doe that was born in January.  This makes four does that we’ll have from Heavenly.  When I first bought Heavenly, she was giving a gallon a milking.  She isn’t doing that now because I’m not feeding a super-high-protein grain (purposely), but she’s still an excellent milking doe and is producing really, really well.  The two daughters that are producing now give a half gallon a milking.  I expect this doe is going to do just as well next year.

Mothers are very useful tools stools.

Until later …

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