Getting Ready for the Puppies

Midge is less than a week away from delivery and we are suffering from extreme heat here in North Carolina. It is supposed to be almost 100 degrees on Wednesday! I feel bad for her (its so hot, I feel bad for me!), I would not want to be pregnant in this heat. I’m keeping her inside in the air conditioning pretty much 24/7, only taking her outside to go to the bathroom. We try to get a little bit of exercise in during the early morning hours, but even as early as 6 AM it’s hot.

I’ve decided the “theme” of this litter will be heat. Names I’ve thought of so far are: Scorch, Fyre and Pyro.

On Saturday my friend Wally and I constructed a whelping box for Midge. Now, the trick is keeping the cats out! What, a new box? A new box with soft sheets? What cat could ignore that

On an exciting note, I took Gel to an agility class Saturday night (in 95 degree heat) and it was like we had never been away. It’s been almost six months since we’ve last done agility. He had more drive than he’s ever had. Maturity has done a lot for the beast. The instructor thought it wouldn’t take long at all for us to be up and running competitively. Gel even remembered his weaves! I had a ball. Now I have to reconstruct all my equipment. Fun, fun!