The best laid plans

I had my car all packed before I went to bed last night, except for the cooler. This morning, I fell down the stairs carrying a cooler. Woke up with Fern on my chest, Gel lying next to me and Josey tangled around the car tire (she had a long line on). Don’t know how long I was out. Put the dogs up in crates and drove to the ER. Have a mild concussion. ER doc said it wouldn’t be a good idea to drive four hours and stand out in the sun all day.

Sometimes things happen for a reason I guess.  I need to do something about those front stairs.  This isn’t the first time I’ve fallen on them.  They are steep and there’s no landing when you come out the door.  If you are carrying something heavy and loose your balance, it’s all over.

There will be more trials.  It isn’t the end of the World.

Off to take some more aspirin.  In addition to banging my head, I smashed my hip on the railing.  I’ll have some nice bruising in a few days.