Udder Envy

Got the camera glued to my forehead this morning:

Hurry up and milk me already!  This is Misty, a Saanen/Alpine X.  This is her first freshening and as you can see, she’s got the udder.  She’s a fantastic goat, I couldn’t be more happy with her.

This Heavenly’s udder.  She has a doe on her and in the morning, she still gives close to a half gallon, assuming I get to her before her doe does:

This is Heavenly’s daughter, Hannah.  This is her second freshening and she gives a solid half gallon (sometimes more) per milking:

Out of focus (low light), but here’s Beetaloo’s udder.  Beetaloo is an older doe and I honestly didn’t think she’d make it to this year, but she’s going strong now.

The mineral bar:

The antique milk strainer that we made into a planter:

Russian Sage: