Rabies Vaccinosis

I don’t know why I bother fighting wars that I cannot possibly win.

This post appeared on the Border Collie Boards.  The author,  Kris L. Christine is the Founder, Co-Trustee of The Rabies Challenge Fund.  I commend all of Kris’ efforts to reduce the number of rabies vaccines dogs are required by law to get (which is way too many).

Melanie Lee Chang, PhD posted in response to Kris’ post “Do you even have a Border Colle?”  Hmmm, not sure if having a Border Collie is a requirement to posting on the Border Collie Boards.  Note that Melanie Lee Chang, PhD is in charge of the search for a genetic component to Behaviorally affected dogs: Dogs that suffer or appear to suffer from panic, fear, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and aggression.  Examples of such behaviors include (but are not limited to) separation anxiety, noise phobias, fears of people, places, or other dogs, and aggression toward people or other dogs.

Hate to tell you Melanie, but the symptoms that are referenced above are all symptoms of Rabies Vaccinosis.  Given that she’s been given money to do this study means to me there’s a whole hell of a lot of dogs suffering from these behavioral issues.  As I said in a post to the Border Collie Boards, rabies vaccinosis has become a plague.  This is a perfect example.

Except for the flu shot, humans are not vaccinated every year or even every three years for anything.  The flu shot is a perfect case-in-point.  Sometimes people will experience flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccination.  The vaccine has not erraticated the flu.  Even if you get vaccinated with the flu shot, you can still get the flu.  I don’t know how anyone can expect that if you continue to vaccinate for a particular disease, year after year or even every three years, that it isn’t going to do any harm.