Beautiful rain!!!

We got an inch and a half of rain last night and after it was over, we were able to walk in the area in front of the goat shelter without sinking up to our ankles.  Some of the dirt ran off, but not a lot and what did run off was thick with natural fertilizer so the grass will benefit.  The rain we’ve been getting lately is greatly appreciated by the gardens and the pastures.  I hope the frequent rain continues throughout the summer.

Both Wally and I are very glad today is Friday.  One more day to go and then we’ll both be off for two whole days!!!  I’ve been sleeping so hard lately that the alarm has been waking us up.  Previously, I was waking up at 3 and not sleeping well until it was time to get up at 5.  My homeopath switched my remedy to address the hand pain.  It didn’t work, but mentally I feel good and I am sleeping better so I guess I’ll deal with the hand pain.  Wally has been achy as well so I think it may have something to do with the unsettled weather.

The goat cheese pizza that I made last night was so darned good, we’ll have it for supper again tonight.  I was thinking about bringing a pizza home from MM, but nope, homemade food is so much better, especially when it’s as easy to prepare as this pizza was.  Need to make my own dough next time.  Not that MM does not offer fresh and tasty ingredients on their pizza, they do, but they don’t have goat cheese or sausage made from pastured pork.  Speaking of pigs, I think I might be getting closer to convincing Wally to commit to finding a place to keep pigs.  While Marcus was here on Tuesday, he said he had a litter on its way.  Here’s hoping for pigs!  Also, while Marcus was here, we showed him Spot, the Jersey steer that is next in line to head to the freezer.  He said he should dress out at about 400 pounds.  That means lots of grass-fed beef in the near future.  I’m working on getting the freezers cleaned out so we’ll have room for all that meat.

Off to milk.  Until later …