Thriving plants!!!

This Yarrow plant was in the dead plant section of Lowes. As you can see, I brought it back to life. I love deep green, frilly foliage. Top it with raspberry-colored flowers and it’s drop dead gorgeous, especially in a clay pot.  These are planted in front of the milk parlor.

Speaking of deep green. I discovered these Roma beans this morning. Now I can make a salad of green beans and tomatoes.

I also found these beauties this morning.  Visiting the garden is sort of like a scavanger hunt.  This is Gretel Eggplant (a hybrid variety, the only hybrid vegetable in the garden).  I’ll add them to the pizza tonight.

Cherokee Purple tomatoes, in my opinion, the best tomatoes in the world.

The only plants not thriving in the garden, thanks to the squash bugs, is the squash.  It will need to be removed this weekend.  I’ll revitalize the soil in the beds with some of the manure we pulled from the goat shelter and replant the beds with green beans.  I can still get another crop in before the end of the season and legumes will help the soil.  I did salvage some butternut squash which I put on the back porch to cure.  Hopefully they are mature enough to cure.

Until later …