Feeling sort of bla.

Wally and I got up late (for us); got the chores done, ate some breakfast and then looked at each other and agreed that neither of us had much energy.  We had things planned for the weekend, but really not much as been done.  Modifying the rabbit cages has been put off to another weekend.  I did do some work in the garden, harvested a lot of eggplant, tomatoes, the last of the zucchini and Roma beans.  I pulled up the squash plants and discovered half a million squash bugs running a muck.  By the time I called it quits in the garden, I was soaked with sweat.

In an attempt to not waste any of the vegetables I harvested, I cut them all up and put them in baking pans with olive oil, salt, pepper, onions, garlic and a bit of balsamic vinegar and they are baking.  When they cool, I’ll put them in quart jars and freeze them for later use.  Last night I had to throw out a large bowl of tomatoes because some of them rotted and spoiled the rest of the tomatoes.  That sucked, for us at least.  The chickens and ducks were happy to eat them.

While the garden is producing, it is not doing as well as I’d like it to, primarily because it’s so hard to harvest the ripe vegetables.  The cherry tomato patch is a virtual jungle.  The other two tomato patches are not much better.  You’ve heard plenty about the damned squash bugs and their destruction.  Three of the four plants in the pots have sprouted already and I’m hoping I can keep those plants healthy.

The garden is kicking my butt; eventually I’ll master it.

Until later …