It’s always nice to get Monday under my belt.  It was one of those rough Mondays that I dread when I come in to an almost-bare prep cooler.  I didn’t work alone, at least not the whole shift, so that was a good thing.  I still worked almost seven hours.  That’s seven hours straight with no break so it’s a long seven hours.  They started new menu items yesterday so that means even more prep work.  I work alone today and tomorrow and I hope that it’s not too busy so I don’t get too far behind.

I sent out a resume this morning.  I haven’t sent out a resume in a long, long time.  I almost forgot how to write a cover letter.  I don’t have much hope to hear anything from it, but you never know.  Two possible jobs came up on Craigslist, but most of the jobs on Craigslist are bogus so I am pretty much expecting those are as well.  It’s a shame there are individuals that prey on the un- or under-employed.

It was disgustingly hot yesterday.  Even with the big fan in the milk room, it was uncomfortable milking.  Today is going to be even worst.  It still isn’t as bad as last year when we were often waiting until as late as 9:00 to milk; it was intolerable to go out any earlier.  I opened up the windows in the house last night around 11 and thought for sure the air conditioning would come on as it was still hot and stuffy outside.  In fact, I had to put Gel out because he started panting and got restless.  I’m a bit claustrophobic and I hate having the house shut up as tight as we have it when it’s hot out.  Funny how not so long ago I couldn’t sleep without the shades drawn because the light pollution bothered me so much.  I often think that homeopathy doesn’t work much, but I do see tiny improvements.  Since the last remedy, my hands and wrists still hurt, but the frequent anxiety attacks I was having have let up almost completely.

Anxiety = worrying about where we are going to get the money to pay next month’s rent.  Wally’s job is very much feast or famine.  This past week, there hasn’t been enough work so it looks like his hours will be short.  Luckily, my job has been busy so I’m getting some extra hours in.  Not that my paycheck helps much.  It’s okay, we’ll make it.

Pictures: I took my camera out with me yesterday morning when I went out to milk, but I didn’t see anything worth taking a picture of.  Maybe I’ll see something today.

Rabbits: I am leaning towards getting a heritage breed of rabbit to start a colony from: Champagne d’Argent.  I also believe we’ve landed some free cages (they need some work, but free is free).  Hopefully that will work out.

Off to milk.

Until later …