A little bit of time at the computer

Usually my time spent at the computer is rushed in the morning.  I almost always write a little bit before I head out to milk.  Lately I’ve been adding another post with pictures when I get back in the house.  Don’t think I added any pictures this week though, so I guess I can’t say “lately.”  As I write this, Wally is on his way to his weekly bachelor excursion (the Shelby livestock sale) and I’m holed up in the house in front of the computer without a lot to do right now.  Well, there’s always a lot to do, I’m just not inclined to do it right now.  I have a boat load of dishes to get done and eventually I’ll need to go out to milk, but that can all wait for a while.  Heck, since it’s cooled off a bit, I should go out and work in the garden for a while, but it really isn’t that cool out.  It’s nice to have a bit of down time and there’s always something interesting to read on the computer.

Funny how there was a time I was hooked on reading blogs written by people that trial Border Collies.  Now, I read blogs written by people who are homesteading.  While researching the breed of rabbit I think I’ve settled on, I found this blog.  She breeds several different heritage breeds of rabbits, including the one I am likely going to end up with: Creme d’Argent.  I was thinking about Champagne d’Argents and I may very well end up with them, I’ll know more by Saturday when I go to look at the Cremes.  I saw Cremes a long time ago when I was at a local rabbitry getting manure and admired them then.  The funny thing is that I corresponded with this blog’s writer many years ago discussing feeding sheep minerals pursuant to Pat Coleby’s book.  I wrote her this morning and I hope to hear back from her.  She will be a good resource for my venture into meat rabbit raising.

Work was pretty easy today.  I told them up front that I needed to leave at 2:30 today and I did.  I made a quick run into Goodwill and found two tiny stainless steel bowls.  One I’ll keep in the milk parlor for milk for the visiting cats and the other I’ll use in the dog run where I installed the three mixed-breed rabbit does and the buck.  They seem quite happy in there and so far haven’t found a way out.  We put cattle panel pieces around the edge of the run to prevent Mica from digging (it didn’t work), but it might prevent the rabbits from digging.  We’ll see.  We had a heavy rain storm last night, but they had plenty of shelter to get out of it.

Using livestock “tractors” to keep chickens, ducks and now rabbits in has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.  I don’t know that we’ll get there with the rabbits or not.  I’d sure like to.

It seems that there’s always so much to do and a lot just doesn’t get done; I guess to some extent that we are tired and need to spend some time relaxing.  Last weekend, we got a dry erase board and this morning I wrote a to-do list for this coming weekend.  The items include getting covers on the hoops over the beds near the house so that we can keep the chickens out of the beds; planting carrots and a second crop of green beans in the main garden; cleaning out the goat shelter; cleaning the house (this item should be very last on the list as it may not get done); and of course, the ever present task of mowing the lawn and weed-whacking (that’s Wally’s chore).  He’s off again this weekend, which is good for projects, not good for paying bills.

Now my free time just ran out and I need to get my butt in gear and get some things done.  I got way-laid by making myself an Excel spreadsheet which would track the vegetables I want to plant, the dates I am supposed to have them planted, the dates I actually planted them and the approximate harvest dates.  I think this will be a pretty good tool so it was time well-spent.

Until later …