From this morning

This is how goats should eat. 

Forest creature.

Creme d’Argente buck.  He’s probably never seen grass before, never mind ate it.

Creme d’Argent doe.

The Great Rabbit Experiment.  The mixed-breed rabbits living in a dog run.

To keep the rabbits cooler, I put shade cloth over the west side of their hutches.

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  1. Why I chose the breed? Well, I admired them a while back, back before I was even thinking about rabbits for us. Then I started to research raising rabbits for meat and because of how we do things around here, I wanted to get a heritage breed of rabbit. They are very hard to find, never mind get breeding stock. This particular breeder was willing to sell me three breeding-age rabbits for the same price (or less than) another breeder was selling just weaned rabbits so I went with these. We are looking at a second breed (American Chinchilla) to get three more. I want to start with six breeding animals. Given how good DH is with building things, you could have a hutch made easily.

  2. FYI I had to haunt that breeder for about six months before I convinced him to sell the Cremes. I have other friends in the rabbit world and when it comes time to get new breeding stock, they’ll help me. There’s a lot of Creme breeders in the mid-West.

  3. Even though we lived in the city, when I was a kid during World War II, I remember our neighbor raising rabbits to supplement the meager meat rations. My parents bought some on occasion. I thought they tasted like friend chicken.

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