Life is Good Part 2

I left Gel, Fern and Josey in the fenced-in area today.  Figured it would do them good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine and able to run around and play for the day.

In honor of Professional Associates week, the law firm I work for has granted us permission to wear jeans all week.  This gives me a week to transfer winter clothes for summer clothes in my closet.  The first pair of jeans I took out had unmentionable stains on them so they had to get put back in the closet.  The next pair were okay to wear.  On Monday we have an ice cream social in the afternoon, Wednesday is afternoon snacks and Friday is breakfast.  They treat us well here.

The woman I take agility lessons from in Salisbury (Meagan) posted a series of mini seminars that she’s going to hold in June.  The first one is contact performance.  I’m not going to do much more with Gel’s contacts.  I didn’t train him to be fast, it’s difficult for him to be fast on contacts because he’s so long and upright, but Fern has the ability to be lightning fast on contacts.  It will be incentive to get back to her agility training to have her ready for that class which is held the first Sunday in June. 

The rest of the mini seminars include Alphabet Soup drills (jump drills with the jumps positioned for letters of the alphabet); Gamblers’ and Snooker skills.  Meagan is going to continue to do regular classes on Saturdays and these mini seminars on Sundays in June so if I miss a Saturday class, I can pick up a Sunday class instead. 

Once we finish with the ASCA trial the first weekend in May, except for a USBCHA trial on Memorial Day and possibly one the weekend after that in SC (I’ll just go one day), I do not have any herding trials scheduled.  I want to get back to agility and at least finish Gel’s novice titles in both AKC (which is as far as we’ll bother with in AKC, his titles are almost done I might as well finish them) and USDAA (which is where I’ll focus).  There are not a lot of trials scheduled for June, July and August, but it won’t hurt for me to take some time off from trialing and save some money.