The worst night so far.

As far as the heat and humidity is concerned, last night was the worst night so far for milking.  I had two fans going, but about all they did was move the hot air around, perhaps making it feel even worst.  As much as they were panting, I’m surprised the goats even ate.  I should have known it was going to be bad because I had both fans running yesterday morning and expect I’ll have them going this morning.  No relief in sight.  Oh well, it is July.  At least the house is comfortable.  I didn’t even open the windows last night.  I opened a few of them this morning and the air conditioning came on.  Our thermostat is set at close to 85 degrees so that gives you an idea of how warm it is out there right now.  It isn’t so much the heat as the humidity.

I cancelled my riding date scheduled for Saturday morning.  It’s just too bloody hot to be fooling with horses.

Last night was the worst night so far for milking, but Tuesday night was a rough night for sleeping.  I don’t think I got much more than four hours of sleep and because of that, felt like crap most of the day.  Luckily, MM hasn’t been too busy so prep wasn’t terrible, but even if it isn’t too busy, I always have a lot of prep to do.  There’s a lot of food to be prepped on a daily basis.  They needed me to go to the local food warehouse to pick up some bread, bu I told them I couldn’t go unless they got the dishwasher to cut some ham for pizza.  I’m sure he wasn’t happy when he was told to do it.  He told me on Monday that he wasn’t going to be doing any prep work unless they paid him more money.  I told him that if I got in trouble back there and needed help I’d be going to a manager asking that they get me help and he’d be the one they would go to.  I know when he’s not busy in the dish pit when I see him walking back and forth from the dish pit to the prep area with single dishes (rather than stacks of them) or I see him polishing the stainless steel surrounding the pit.  It’s rather frustrating when I’m in the back constantly working and I see the others slacking off as much as they do.  While I was waiting for a check for the bread, the owner spoke of labor hours being too high.  I almost said that they’d cut labor hours if the manager on duty would ride herd on some of the people working there making sure they were always busy, but I kept my mouth shut.

Oh well, it’s a job and pays some of the bills.

Bills and money: still an on-going problem.  It took $55 to fill Yoda yesterday.  Gas is right back up where it was.  It didn’t stay down too long.  I just checked my bank account and my balance is $32 and I don’t get paid again until next Friday.  The state of our country is becoming very, very scary.  My web sites are hosted on a Canadian server and it costs $26/month Canadian funds.  I just paid the company today and instead of $26, I had to pay $28.12 for the conversion.  I remember when the US dollar was more valuable than the Canadian.  That hasn’t been the case in a long time.

I’m surprised at how quickly Wally got on the rabbit experiment train.  I overheard him telling a friend about how we planned to house rabbits in a shelter and run broilers underneath.  I’m on the fence about what to do with the rabbits in the dog run.  They are really too small to butcher and like I said before, I’m kind of attached to them.  The problem with leaving them where they are is that cleaning the run out is difficult because of the cattle panels on the ground.  I might see if we can take them up this weekend … but it almost doesn’t seem worthwhile to keep them because they eat as much as the meat rabbits yet there isn’t a lot of meat on them.  Agh!

I found a great rabbit recipe in my The New Basics cookbook.  I love this cookbook, I probably use it more than any other.  The recipe is rabbit in black olive sauce.  See it here.  Given that we have to head down Dallas way to pick up rabbit cages on Saturday and there is a nice Ingles supermarket on the way that has an olive bar, maybe we’ll go ahead and butcher one of those rabbits and I can try that recipe this weekend … Well, maybe next weekend.  This weekend is going to be pretty busy.  We were going to invite Wally’s sister and her husband over for breakfast on Sunday, but this morning I pointed out to Wally that maybe we’d want to postpone that so that we could have one day to sleep in a little bit.  Normally we are up by 5 and our “sleeping in” means getting up around 7 or so.  He agreed, he likes to sleep in.  I like to be able to get up and not have to rush to get things done.

Well, I best get out and get my chores done.

Until later …