Pictures from this morning

A few pictures from this morning.  I realized that not only do I need to glue a camera to my forehead, but I also need to wear a voice recorder around my neck.  I think of so many cool things when I’m working, watching television, trying to sleep, etc.  If I were to write down or record all of these thoughts, I’d have another book on my hands.

Purple Podded Pole beans growing into the netting that we installed to keep the chickens out of the garden.  Unfortunately, it’s going to be difficult getting them out of the netting.  Plan better next year.  They are pretty though!  Hopefully they’ll taste good.

On the list of things to do this weekend is getting in the garden and harvesting the tomatoes, eggplant and beans and getting them processed and put up for the winter.

Rabbit food … a good use for garden weeds.  See Rosemoon, you have a need for rabbits.

The latest squash experiment.

Guinea family.

Egg from our rare, orange-egg-laying chickens:

Until later …