City dogs discover their calling in herding retreats

This article made the second page of the Charlotte Observer today.  I call attention to this article because the dog that was the focus of this article, Selkie, was described by two veterinarians as “stark-raging mad” (better vaccinate her some more). The caregiver had gone through three different trainers and was going nowhere.  She wanted to play and cuddle with Selkie and scratch her tummy and get her face and feet licked (maybe she should have have bought a Poodle rather than a Border Collie ), but Selkie wasn’t interested.  She was sensitive to noise, pushy and obsessive and wanted her ball thrown, all day.

I hope Selkie’s caregiver sent a DNA sample out to the Canine Behavior Genetics study so that Selkie’s obviously defective genes won’t find their way into the Border Collie gene pool.

Because Selkie is getting to go to a herding retreat, does that cure her noise sensitivity, obsessions or make her less stark-raging mad?  Maybe the evening she gets home from her herding retreat, but other than that, I doubt it.