Wet T-shirt Contest

Last night, Wally missed out on a private Wet T-shirt Contest.  I hosed myself off before I went into milk.  It helped.  It felt so good, I misted off the Creme rabbits.  They didn’t seem to mind.  Hopefully it didn’t kill them overnight.  You know it’s going to be hot with the A/C is going on at 6:00 AM.

One more day to get through at MM.  Yesterday, I spoke to the manager about the issues I was having with the dishwasher.  I am thinking, however, that it may be better to keep my mouth shut.  That’s hard for me to do.  I need to put tape over my mouth while at work.

Wednesday afternoon, a strange car drove down the driveway.  A young girl got out with a clipboard.  I went out to see what she wanted and found out she was at the wrong address.  She did notice the goats on her way in the driveway and knew the breeds they were.  She grew up on a goat dairy.  She commented on how nice Misty’s udder was (Misty is the Saanen/Alpine Cross I am so fond of).  We talked about homesteading and raising your own food and she said that she saw a commentary which indicated that most of America was seven meals away from starvation.  If all the Wal-Marts closed, they’d starve.  How true that is.  The wife of the couple that had the American Chinchilla rabbits commented on our lifestyle saying she didn’t think Americans did that (raised their own food).  At first I was insulted when she said this, but she’s right, most Americans are busy getting fat on Wal-Mart food.

Speaking of Wal-Mart food, last night was my bachelorette night.  After going by the local meat processor to get some scraps for the dogs and cats, I stopped at Food Lion to get something for dinner.  I chose a frozen pasta dinner.  Big, bad mistake.  I was starving and as soon as I got home, I put it in the microwave.  The cooking instructions for this particular dinner called for a quarter cup of milk, cool, I thought.  As soon as I took a bite of it, I realized the err of my ways.  The chemical taste of the product was disgusting!  To think that I used to eat these products a lot when I was working in Charlotte.  Gel got to eat almost the entire dinner, that was over $8 down the drain.  Stupid.

More stupidity: with all the humidity, my hair has been a frizz bomb so while I was in Wal-Mart yesterday (picking up products for MM) I grabbed a bottle of a product to help with frizz.  When I got home, I put some in my hair.  Big mistake.  It reeked of fragrance.  REEKED!!!!  That product will go right back to Wal-Mart where it came from.  I just ordered off e-Bay two bottles of Tigi Let It Be Leave In Conditioner, a product using 88 percent organic ingredients with a really scent to it.  At the local beauty shop, one bottle costs less than two purchased on e-Bay.  Yea!  Hope it arrives quickly.  Until then, I’ll use coconut oil to help control the frizz.

I best get going and get outside and get my chores done.

One more day at MM; one more day at MM; one more day at MM …

Until later …

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  1. After choosing to eat only homemade food from local and/or organic ingredients, I also can no longer abide the tastes of chemicals in processed conventional products. . . If that’s all you eat and have no experience otherwise, there’s no basis for comparison… you really do not KNOW what clean food tastes like. . .

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