A good weekend and so far, a crappy Monday

We got a lot done this weekend.  More on that later with pictures.

This morning hasn’t been so great.  I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 4 with the intention of canning tomatoes (which I intended to do on Sunday, but Wally and I were busy constructing rabbit cages).  I got the canning pot out, put the jars and lids in the water to sterilize them and when the water boiled, I fished the jars and lids out and started packing in tomatoes.  Ripe tomatoes can be so messy and I had tomato juice and seeds from one end of the kitchen to the other.  I got the seven jars filled and started loading them up into the canning pot.  When the first jar when in, I heard a crack.  Great.  The jar broke.  Fishing it and the tomatoes out of the boiling water was not fun.  Got the rest of the jars in, but one wouldn’t stay under the water.  I put a bowl on top of it and then the lid on the canning pot and set the timer.  When it was time to take the jars out, I discovered the jar that wouldn’t stay under water had broke too.  So, with all the work, I only have five quarts of tomatoes and because I raw-packed them, the jars are now only about half full of tomatoes, the rest is liquid.  Lovely.  What a waste of time and energy.

Lesson learned.  No more raw packing.  Tonight I’ll see if I can get another bucket of tomatoes out of the garden and make sauce from them and then can that.  It’s weird that the jars broke.  Because I previously boiled them, they should not have been so cold that they broke … but now I’m thinking, maybe I should have put the jars of tomatoes in the water before it boiled … I’m dumb sometimes; especially when I haven’t slept well the night before.

So now I’m really tired, I ate sugary stuff for breakfast which means I’m really going to crash later on.  I have no cold milk in the refrigerator to take to work to drink to make up for the good calories I didn’t consume this morning so work is likely going to be a barrel of monkeys; make that rabid monkeys.

It’s still disgustingly hot and humid.  I am filthy from the work we did yesterday and what I did this morning. A shower is going to feel good and it’s going to take a lot of soap and water before the water runs clear off this body.

Until later …