Natural Tick Repellent Update

I wrote a while back about natural tick repellents.  I’m afraid to say it hasn’t been terribly effective.  I’ve switched to a mixture of essential oils with apple cider vinegar that had been soaking with calendula (marigold) blossoms for a bit over a month.  I’m also going to add garlic to both my diet and that of the dogs.  Ticks have been quite attracted to me as well.  Rotten buggers!  I hate ticks.

I wrote in my NRN Blog about how the cats never have attached ticks.  The ones that are outside the most roll in the dirt a lot.  I wonder if they are not rolling in the dirt to remove ticks.

Am I worried about tick-borne disease?  Nope.  Ticks have evolved right along with canines and if ticks were truly a problem, canines wouldn’t be around today.  Same with heartworm.