Website down again …

Damn website is down … again … This Amazon Cloud failure business is getting old.  One day, I’ll  get my act together and move my web sites to a more affordable and hopefully more reliable server.  So here I am typing this post on Notepad and will post it in my journal when it comes back up.

Last night, Wally drove across the street to pick up a bale of hay.  These are those huge, 800 to 1,000 pound bales.  We try to get bales of mixed grass and alfalfa, but all he had was straight alfalfa which isn’t ideal to feed the goats because of how much hay they waste.  As we were unloading it into what used to be Mica’s and then the rabbit’s run, a lot of it crumbled off onto the ground.  We forked that up and put it in the goat pasture for them to eat, which they did, like candy.  When I go out this morning to milk, I’ll look to see how much of it they ate and how much they stepped, shit or peed on.  We need to devise better hay feeders for this type of hay.  Regular grass hay works in our hay feeders, but anything with a lot of alfalfa in it does not.  I am looking forward to a lot of milk this morning.  I want to make some yogurt; I haven’t had it in a long while and am craving it.

We were going to go and get Merlin last night, but by the time we got the hay unloaded, we were both beat and Wally looked like the Jolly Green Giant.  I found out some things that have been going on with him that I didn’t care to hear about and want to get him out of there and home ASAP.  I’ll have to wait until Friday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting him back.  It was only by chance that I found out that he was for sale.  They guy who bought him had a Jersey heifer and bull calf for sale on Craigslist.  When I see Jerseys for sale, I always check them out.  When I saw the pictures, I could tell that it was his place.  Wally then asked if he had Merlin for sale too.  I told him no, he won’t sell Merlin, but two days later, Merlin showed up on Craigslist as well.  Luckily, horses are not selling all that well and the wording and photos he used for the listing were less-than-ideal.  Of course, I may very well regret getting him back, but I hope not.

Wally has to work again this weekend, but only five hours. The high priority project this weekend is getting the ShelterLogic hay house taken down and moved up to where the rabbits are, cleaning out the area (which is already almost done), getting a tarp over the rabbit’s ShelterLogic and over the the second ShelterLogic that we keep the lawnmower and ATV.  The rabbits will do better in a larger shelter as there will be more air circulation.  We couldn’t have picked a better place to put them because it stays quite shady all day and I’m glad that we discovered that the area where we were going to put the carport won’t work out because it’s not level.  There would have been a lot more sun in that area so keeping the rabbits cool would have been difficult.

I need to pick another bucket of tomatoes and make tomato sauce and can it.  Breading and frying the eggplant didn’t happen before they got soft so they got fed to the goats.  There’s plenty more down there.  My Parelli friend is coming out Saturday AM to ride which will be fun.  Not sure which horse I’ll ride.  I’m a bit afraid that Merlin may not be in such good condition when we pick him up.  Apparently his feet haven’t been done in several months and the guy that has been trimming him is a conventional farrier so he probably has what is called a pasture trim rather than a true barefoot trim.  Maybe we’ll see if Wally can borrow some farrier equipment and trim him up a bit so that he can be ridden.  The farrier (a different guy from the last one) is due to come out August 25.

Here it is quarter of seven and I need to get my butt out to milk and do my other chores.

Until later …

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  1. So glad to see you’re back online! Last night I thought your website had been hijacked – got a BC First Aid website instead of yours. And this morning, I got a PawPrint web site design company. So, this is what “cloud computing” is all about? I think that the person looking after the webhost service of your provider may not know what they’re doing – maybe new at the job, or something…. Anyhow, welcome back!

  2. It’s irritating that this happens sometimes, but it probably happens more than we realize. I am now confident with my web host and feel like they are doing all that they can. They actually fixed some e-mail issues I was having so now I get about half the amount of Spam I was getting. That’s always a good thing.

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