Well, it looks like Merlin won’t be coming back here after all.  The guy that has him called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that he had planned a barbeque this weekend and he wanted Merlin there for his friends to ride.  The last time his friends rode Merlin, one of them was “trying to get him to stand on two legs” which so traumatized Merlin that when he was rode again, he bucked.  Merlin is a very sensitive horse and doesn’t take well to being “cowboyed up.”  I told the guy that either we pick him up Friday night as planned or we don’t take him up at all.  I can only imagine the condition, physically and mentally that Merlin is in.  He’s probably not the same horse at all.  The guy that has him needs to get video games for his friends to play with or maybe buy a dirt bike for them to ride.  Merlin shouldn’t be used as a form of entertainment for guests.

However, I realize that the Merlin thing is nothing more than that stupid Wanting Mind of mine working.  I have a fantastic horse down in the pasture right now; one that is every bit as nice to ride as Merlin was without Merlin’s ground issues.  All I need to do is get over my fear of riding him.  The girl that studied under Parelli is coming tomorrow morning and I hope we can accomplish some things.  I may be afraid to ride him, but at least Sudi doesn’t tear up fences or chase the goats or cows and he catches me, I don’t have to chase him down to catch him.

The schedule for next week at MM was posted when I got in yesterday morning.  I have been working Monday through Friday, but next week, I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Not too thrilled with that schedule, but it is what it is.  It might be pretty cool to be off Saturday and Sunday, work one day, be off a day, work another day, be off a day, then work two days.  I really need the two days off to rest and catch up and wouldn’t want to do this schedule too often.  It’s not like I’m working a lot of hours, but the days are long and hard.  I’ve worked hard all this week.  I’m sure today isn’t going to be any different.

I wonder if I could teach Gel to milk the goats.  I’m tired and am dreading going outside to do the chores.  I best get it done.

Until later …