I hit pay dirt!

I almost cancelled my session with the Parelli lady (her name is Kimlyn) I thought because of the heat, but really because I was afraid.  She saw right through it and said she was coming anyway.  We didn’t ride.  Instead we took the horses out on the 100 acres that surrounds where I live and played with them.  It was a fun and I know Sudi enjoyed it.  He’s such a good soul.  Groundwork can be boring as heck, but it was fun this morning.  Well, it was fun until the sweat started pouring off me so bad that it started burning my eyes.  We went down to the creek where Virgil (the red horse I took such a bad fall off) got his foot stuck in the mud and freaked.  Sudi sunk up to his knees in the mud.  What did he do: rub his nose in the mud (weirdo!).  He didn’t panic.  I didn’t panic, although I probably would have if I was in the saddle and he sunk up to his knees.  Our next session will be in a local arena and I will ride then.  I am hoping that I’ve now found the help I need to get this magnificent horse going.

Now, I’m glad that we didn’t go and pick up Merlin on Wednesday.  My wanting him here was only a crutch.  Why deal with a horse that you have to work to catch and it’s a rodeo to saddle and bridle?  Kimlyn commented several times on how good my relationship was with Sudi.  I do love that horse.  I saw this afternoon that Merlin is back on Craigslist.  I hope he’ll find him a good home, however, the photographs he’s got post of him as well as the wording of the advertisement paint him in a less-than-desirable manner.

It’s 3:30 as I write this and I’d love to be able to be outside doing something, but it’s too bloody hot.  So I’m in the house in front of the computer catching up on stuff.  My blakkatz.com e-mail account wasn’t working until this morning.  It is working now, better than before.  Apparently the Spam filters were not set correctly on the server which enabled hundreds of Spam e-mails to be delivered to me.  Now I get a lot less.  Yea!

Until later …

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