Hoody Voody Medicine and Spirituality

I got in trouble on the Border Collie Boards.  I was accused of a libelous personal and professional attack.  Imagine that, me?  Geez.  I only said that given that Mark B. was employed by drug development company that no wonder why he doesn’t want to have any part in the use of something other than pharmaceutical drugs or minimizing the use of a vaccine.

I ended up removing all of my posts from the BC Boards and will not WILL NOT post there again.  They can keep their heads buried in the sand and ignore the compelling evidence that is out there that rabies (and other) vaccines cause damage.

I’ll keep on using my Hoody-Voody medicine, you know, the stuff that is really nothing (homeopathy) in order to keep my dogs as healthy, mentally and physically, as I can.  I cannot avoid giving my dogs rabies vaccinations, it’s the law, but I can treat whatever damage occurs after vaccination with my imaginary medicine (homeopathy) and hope for the best. 

In the end I’ll have the last laugh as I read the posts wherein they discuss their dogs’ numerous health problems and behavioral issues.