Happy Tuesday!!!!

No work today … well, no MM work.  I remembered last night that I still have to drive into Hickory to meet a customer at 9:30.  I don’t have her new telephone number so I can’t reschedule for Wednesday.  That’s going to put a dent in garden work.  I’m going to try to get as many tomatoes harvested before I have to leave for Hickory as I can so that at least I’ll be able to make sauce and get that canned today.  By the time I get back from Hickory, it may be too hot to do much in the garden.  Last night, Wally weed-whacked the aisles in the garden so I can get around at lot easier.  Minimally, I need to get another crop of green beans planted.  If I plant them today, they should be ready for harvest September 24.  That’s still plenty of time before the average first frost and where I am going to plant them is in full sun so they should grow okay.  Of course, putting anything in the ground now will need to be watered.

While I’m in Hickory this morning, I can feed my current addiction: Goodwill (and other thrift shops).  I love prowling the aisles looking for cast offs.  I’ve started collecting those jars that have the wire clamp closers.  I have quite a few of them right now.  Not sure what I’m going to use them for, but I like them.  I also look for heavy crockery bowls to hold water for the rabbits; I don’t like using water bottles.  I also look for pretty glass bowls; I like pretty bowls.  It’s fun poking around.  I find neat stuff for only a couple of dollars.

I’m tired.  I didn’t sleep too well last night.  Wally has a bit of a cold so he snored a lot which kept me awake.  I went and slept on the couch for a while, but that wasn’t too comfortable so I came back to bed.  It always seems as though I just fall asleep then it’s time to get up.  I’d like nothing better than to go back to bed and take a nap, but I have too much to get done before it gets hot.

Damn chickens: six eggs yesterday.  That’s an all time low.  I feel sure they are laying somewhere else.  Chickens can be a royal pain in the butt and if it were not for their manure moving abilities, I’d get rid of all of the chickens and buy eggs from other local farmers.  The hens with chicks have been roosting in areas other than their house and as soon as it gets dark early enough for us to go out and start to move them into their house we’ll be doing that.  The worst place that they are roosting now is on the nesting box.  Where ever they roost they leave a big pile of chicken poop.  They’ve torn up areas of the yard and pastures to dust in which is a pain.  Chickens: you’ve got to love them to keep them.

Of course everyone wants what you don’t have.  Back when we had a huge bowl full of eggs, no one wanted them.  Now that we are getting less than a dozen a day, people want two or three dozen of them and I have to tell them we don’t have them.

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work I went into the rabbit house and was very pleasantly surprised to see how much cooler it was in there compared to outside.  My only concern about keeping them in there is that there isn’t a lot of light coming in.  It’s better than they stay cool and I hope that the lack of sunlight isn’t going to be a problem.  I think when the sun sinks lower into the southern horizon, they’ll get morning sun.  Like everything, the rabbit venture is a learning experience.  Hopefully it will go better than the garden has.  The garden has been the most difficult project.

Off to milk and then crawl around the garden picking tomatoes.  Hopefully I won’t find any wild critters in there.

Until later …