Heat Stroke!!!

Damn, it was bloody hot out in the garden yesterday morning.  I got a good amount of tomatoes picked before I had to drive to Hickory.  When I got back home, it was around 10 and I went back down and started clearing beds and I finished picking tomatoes and eggplant.  It wasn’t long before I started to feel dizzy so I went back in the house.  I felt like crap for the rest of the day.  I got 11 quarts of tomatoes canned which was a major accomplishment.  I need to do another 11 quarts as soon as I can pick enough tomatoes to do it … hopefully Thursday.  The beds still need work before I can plant in them.  We filled the small beds where we had squash planted with rabbit manure, too much really, so I need to get some of the soil and manure mixture that was removed from the goat shelter and add that to the beds.  That’s on the agenda for Thursday.  I do not have to go anywhere Thursday morning so I should be able to accomplish those tasks before it gets too hot.

Two more really hot days to get through and then it should cool down.  I’m worried about the rabbits today.  Wally will get home before me and I asked him to check them and unless it’s really cool in their building, which it probably won’t be, to mist them with the hose.  I’m too scared to leave a fan going when I’m not home to monitor it.

I’m thinking about how I want to stagger breeding the does this year so I can keep some of them going as long as possible so I don’t have to go too long without milk.  It sucks that I couldn’t get Gwen bred so she could take us through the winter.  I hope that CB (the bull calf that is in the pasture with her) will be able to do the deed before next spring.  Otherwise, she’ll go in the freezer.  That’s a really sad thought, but we can’t keep animals that are not contributing.  Buying another milk cow just isn’t feasible right now.  We’ll re-address that if we cannot get Gwen bred.  I’m already seeing a drop in milk production, likely due to the heat.  CB is going to have to be separated from the goats during the day as he’s starting to practice on them.

The continuing Merlin saga: he was re-listed on Craigslist yesterday for $200.  The listing is gone this morning so I assume he sold him.  No surprise there: who wouldn’t buy a horse for $200?  I almost asked Wally if we could go and get him for that, but I didn’t.  Just as well.  I went out on the ATV to pick greens for the rabbits and as I was coming up the fence line I saw how overgrown it was on the other side of the fence and I know darned well he’d be hanging over it further damaging the fence.  We could run hot wire over the top of it, but that would be just one more project to accomplish and one more thing to maintain.  The goats stopped going through the back part of the pasture where we installed hot wire this spring so we haven’t been maintaining it.  We may need to get back to it when it cools off.  As hot as it is, the goats don’t wander much.

I best get going and get my milking and other chores done.

Until later …