Raw milk

There’s been a lot of publicity lately about raw milk and quite frankly, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the facts surrounding the various raids (Rawesome), permitting issues, etc.  While I wish the powers that be would allow people to choose what they want to drink, be it alcohol, sugar or chemical-laden soft drinks or raw milk.  As far as I am concerned, there’s a whole lot more danger in consuming the first two drinks than there is in raw milk, assuming the conditions under which the dairy animals are raised and the milk is obtained and stored are clean.  I’ve been negligent about drinking my daily allotment of raw milk and I can feel the difference.  Not sure what I’m going to do when the goats go dry.  Damn not being able to get Gwen bred.

Gosh, I hate the thought about having to go to work today as I know it’s going to be busy as heck and I’m going to have to work my tail off, just like I did yesterday.  Oh well, it will be over soon and then Wally and I will have Sunday to relax.  We really have no projects planned for what is now our “weekend” except maybe working in the garden.  I’d like to get green beans in the ground this morning, but I don’t know if that will happen or not.  We got a good amount of rain yesterday (an inch; nothing compared to what Charlotte got which caused a lot of flooding) and more expected today so it may be best to wait until tomorrow when the weather settles some.  I do need to get another bucket of tomatoes harvested and canned.  Since we’ll have a lot of extra beds once the summer crops are done, I’ll probably plant a bed or two of vegetables for the rabbits.  I understand they love kale … I’ve never eaten kale before, maybe we’ll love kale too.

Maybe next week won’t be so damned hot so I can get more done outside … like riding Sudi.  That’s not looking too promising however.

Last night I weighed two of the Creme rabbits and their weights were not much more than the Chin’s so it seems the Chins are doing really well.  The Chins are eating better than the Cremes so it doesn’t surprise me that they are off weight.  It will be nice when it finally cools down.  The lady that we bought the Chins from called me yesterday and asked to trade one of her young buck rabbits (from the litter our does came from) for a batch of goat cheese so we will get the opportunity to try rabbit.  I sure hope we like it.  I think I’ll make the recipe I posted a while back for rabbit in a black olive sauce.

I best get my butt in gear and get the milking done so I can get into work early and get it over with.  If I get in six hours today (which I should and probably more) my weekly hours won’t be much less than they are when I work five days so that’s a good thing.

Until later …