Finally, a joint day off

While Wally is still in bed and I’ve been up for about an hour now, we finally have a whole day off together.  We do not have a lot of things planned for the day.  I think the only thing we may try to get done is to get the goats’ hooves trimmed and finish some of the beds for fall planting.  Got to get the darned green beans in the ground so if we only get that bed done I’d be happy.  Like it has been so many mornings in a row now, it’s horribly humid.  So humid that I can’t sit at the computer without having a fan blowing to move the air.  We put the goat babies up last night so I could make a full batch of cheese.  I haven’t made cheese in quite a while.  I have been making yogurt and it has come out quite nice.  I added rice bran to the goats’ grain ration and their milk has been very rich and creamy which makes for nice yogurt.

The squash that we planted in the tubs continues to do well and so far, as best as I can tell, no squash bugs.  They are suffering a bit in the heat, but hopefully they’ll produce.  I’m so disappointed that we didn’t get a good harvest of squash because I love squash.  I salvaged a few butternut squash, but not many.  Damned bugs!

As expected, work yesterday was hard.  There is so much prep that needs to be done on the restaurant’s busy days.  It’s over now, at least for a few days.  I think Wally and I may need to make a trip down to a shoe store that sells working shoes so we can both get new shoes.  His are not so bad, but mine are pretty wore down and standing on my feet for six or seven hours is starting to cause me pain, especially the day after.  When I get up to walk, the bones in my feet hurt.  Wally has bad knees so that’s where he feels his pain.  My hands are still bothering me some, but not too much.

The goats are hanging over the gate, cats, chickens and ducks are at the door, all waiting for their breakfast.  I’m sure Sudi is up in the paddock waiting as well.  I’m waiting for Wally to get dressed so he can head out with me and bring up the goat trimming stand.  He’ll trim the goats’ hooves as I finish milking them.  Time to get this show on the road.  At least today, neither of us has to go to the job that we get paid for.

Until later …