Not much to say

It’s Monday … they keep coming, which I guess is a good thing because if they stopped coming, something would be really wrong.  Wally and I didn’t do much of anything yesterday: it was too bloody hot and humid.  After milking the goats and trimming hooves we came back in the house for some breakfast and sat around for a while.  Then Wally put the gate back on the goat shelter while I hung out two loads of wash.  Except for afternoon/evening chores, that’s about all we did.  I’m glad I did a little bit of research on planting a late crop of green beans before I planted them.  Apparently green beans do not germinate well in soil that is too hot.  Hard for soil not to be hot when it’s 90 plus degrees days on end.  So now we are back to trying to get some gardening done on Tuesday and I might use shade cloth for a week or so to help keep the soil temperature down.  It is still going to be in the 90’s through Tuesday, but it supposed to cool down after that.  I sure hope so.  The house is in reasonable condition: it only took a half hour to get all the dishes cleaned off the counter tops.  I’m bad for not cleaning up after cooking.  It’s done now and the dishes are being cleaned by the dishwasher as I write this.

We did go to the shoe store yesterday afternoon and I bought a pair of restaurant shoes.  They are slip resistant and walking in them feels like you are walking on air.  Hopefully they’ll prove to be more comfortable than what I have been wearing.  Wally didn’t find what he wanted, but we did find them on-line so he’ll have new shoes sometime this week.  We don’t buy a lot of new clothes, most of our clothing comes from Goodwill or other thrift store.  I had to buy more underwear yesterday.  Not sure what happens to my underwear, but when I went to find a clean pair yesterday, I didn’t have any and I wasn’t that behind on laundry.

A good job came up on Craigslist this morning.  The job description seemed way too detailed for it to be a scam so I sent a cover letter and resume.  I re-wrote my resume a bit to stress that I have been employed since September 2010 … hard to believe I’ve been at MM for almost a year now.  Maybe something will come of it.  Maybe now that I’ve bought true restaurant shoes I’ll find another job.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Wally and I have a new Sunday evening ritual.  I tape the CBS Sunday Morning Show and we watch it.  It is so pleasant to watch what is a new show that is enjoyable.  They tell the news, but they don’t take the horrible negative spin on it that so many other news shows do.  There are even fewer commercials (which is nice, but no matter how many commercials, we can skip through them).  There’s something about the theme music that soothes us.  We are both feeling very edgy lately.

I’ve got nine goats to milk this morning so I best get going and get it done.  I’m behind schedule.  So what else is new.

Until later …