Just out of sorts today.

I’m off work, but haven’t accomplished much of anything today.  I had to follow Wally into work this morning so we could drop his truck off for service.  We knew the brakes needed to be replaced; luckily it was only the rear brakes.  My truck goes in Thursday.  I’ve had several different people come out to the farm today to pick up farm products, waiting on the last one to arrive and as soon as she leaves, I’ll head to to pick up Wally and his truck.

It’s too hot and humid to do anything outside and I simply don’t have the energy or ambition to do anything inside.  I slept horribly last night and I’m tired.  I’m just out of sorts … I guess the change in my schedule has done it.  We’ll make it an early evening tonight.

I was toying with acquiring a third breed of heritage rabbit, but I’ve decided to stick with the two I have.  If I can acquire another buck of each breed, that will give me a lot of room to expand my colony.  Because they are half brother/sisters, it’s the Chins that I need out-crosses for more so than the Cremes.  The bigger breeders of both breeds are in the mid-west states and I may be able to arrange purchase of the rabbits and have a friend carry them back for me.  We’ll see.  Anxiously waiting for the 15th to see if either of the two Creme does is bred or not.  If they are not, I’ll re-breed them immediately.  I’m going to wait until September or October to breed the Chins.

We get the rabbit we are trading for a batch of goat cheese tomorrow evening.  She was going to come today, but there’s just too much going on today.

Until later …