I’m behind on Laundry

Not because I haven’t taken the time to do it but because I ran out of my homemade laundry detergent.  Sure, I could have stopped at a store and bought a bottle of it, but the thought of using that chemical-laden stuff made me say no, I’ll make a batch of my own and then I’ll do laundry.  I made it this morning, but it needs to sit for 24 hours before you use it so laundry won’t get done today.  Just as well, it’s going to rain off and on today so I can’t hang clothes out.

Yesterday I talked to a woman I used to ride with.  She does endurance races and reminded me that the Leatherwood race was yesterday.  I had forgotten about it … Leatherwood was to be my first race with Sudi.  If I ever could get back into a good paying job endurance races (and other things) may be back in my future, but at my age and as long as I’ve been out of a real job the chances of getting back into a good paying job are relatively slim.  Maybe one day I’ll find a good paying job, but who knows.  Unless the economy gets drastically better I have to be happy with the job I have.

The past couple days at MM have been hard.  Thursday through Sunday are usually very busy at the restaurant so there’s a lot of prep that needs to be done.  I’ll be glad when Wednesday arrives because the other girl will be back.  I have to be in at 8:00 Tuesday to help put up the truck.  I’ll have a pretty good paycheck the Friday after next.

I’m off today and if the rain holds off we plan to take Ace down to the arena to see how he runs.  We got the saddle and other tack fitted to him yesterday morning and everything looks pretty good.  It will look better when he puts some weight on.  He already looks better.  Other than that, hopefully we can get into the garden and get some of the beds ready to plant.  Finally, it looks like it’s going to cool off a bit.

Maybe with the fall crops I’ll be able to manage the garden better.  This summer has been a fiasco.  I’m keeping a close eye on the squash plants we planted in tubs and so far, no squash bugs.  The hot weather has taken its toll on them.  Hopefully they’ll look better when it cools off.

Until later …