Ace Report

Well, it was a mixed bag.  He didn’t run like we expected but I get the feeling something was wrong.  The saddle didn’t fit him well because it’s too wide and it may have been causing him pain.  When he puts some weight on, it should fit better and I’m going to try the Theraflex pad the next time I ride him to see if that makes a difference.  The good news is that even though he didn’t run barrels or poles like we wanted him to, he did ride really, really well.  While Wally was setting up the poles, I rode him around the show grounds and we crossed some really deep ditches and he didn’t bat an eye and more importantly, I wasn’t afraid riding him over the obstacles.  I like the way he moves.  That was one of my issues with Rosie: I didn’t like how she moved.  She moved more like a Quarter Horse.  Ace moves like an Arab.  He’s got an extremely fast walk and his trot and canter are comfortable to ride.

I hate that I’m afraid to ride Sudi.  Now I hate that the saddles that I have may not fit Ace.  The poor horse has had a tough time and he’s been ridden a lot with ill-fitting saddles.  He’s got white spots across his withers: a clear sign that he’s been ridden in poor fitting saddles.  If we are going to ride horses, we ought to make sure they are comfortable.

We’ll figure something out.

Having one day off a week just doesn’t cut it.  Wally and I milked and did the AM chores, then made a quick trip to the grocery store, came back here and while I put away the groceries and changed into riding clothes, he hooked up the trailer and loaded Ace.  We were all soaked with sweat when we got back and we’ve been inside ever since.  Wally just went out to pick some kudzo that’s growing on the side of the road for the rabbits and when he gets back, will do the watering.  I’m going to start supper.  Here it is 4:30 and we really accomplished nothing today.

But did we really accomplish nothing?  No.  Just nothing to show for our time.

We are going to try to spend some time in the garden this week after work and try to get that in order.  Luckily I’m off two days next weekend so I can get some things done then, but the weekend seems a long, long way away now.

Until later …

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