When things go to h*ll in a hand basket

It has been almost a month since we put a deposit on the car port and no one has called us to schedule an install.  I’ve tried to call the company numerous times and either got put on hold for a long time or if I left a message, no one called back.  Wally tried to call earlier this week and had the same problem.  Finally, this morning I called and when they said they were going to put me on hold I told them no, that I wanted to speak to a supervisor.  When she answered I had her check her records to get a date for the install.  She checked, but couldn’t find an order for anyone in Lincolnton.  Great.

Early last week when we drove by the lot where the car ports and portable buildings were located, we saw that everything was gone.  It appears that the company either went out of business or moved.  Luckily, Wally knew the people that owned the business; he knows a lot of people in this area.  Last night, he stopped by another one of their other businesses on his way home from work.  The owner wasn’t there, but they told him where he lived.  Wally went by there, but no one was home.  He went back out around 5 and found him home.  The owner did not recall taking the order and had no idea what happened to it, but wanted to sell us another car port.  Wally told him no, that we didn’t want it now and all he wanted was his money back.  He gave him a check which hopefully will clear.  He’ll try on his way home tonight to cash it; if it doesn’t clear, Wally will be back on his doorstep.

Now we are back to square one and I think we are just going to go with another ShelterLogic and be done with it.  Hopefully if we put a tarp up over the top of the cover it will help preserve it longer than it previously lasted.

After I got through telling Wally what happened with the carport, he told me that Wayne had called.  Wayne is his friend who had borrowed our breeding buck, Cricket, to keep his buck company until it was time for breeding this year.  Wayne said that Cricket had bad diarrhea and had lost a lot of weight and wanted to know when we were going to come and pick him up.  Immediately I told Wally that we’d be picking him up that night at which point Wally told me that Wayne had lost a doe earlier this week.  Great.  We do not have any place to isolate Cricket from the other goats and if he had diarrhea bad enough to loose a lot of weight and another doe had died on Wayne’s property, we really didn’t want to risk the does by bringing Cricket here.  Wally called him back and told him he’d pick him up tonight and take him to the sale.  I hate that for Cricket because he’s a nice goat, but we have too much wrapped up in the dairy does to risk them getting sick and possibly dying.  It seemed like a good idea for Cricket to stay at Wayne’s house until it was time for breeding, but we won’t make that mistake again.  Now we need to find a buck to breed the does this year.  Lovely.

No rabbit babies so I went ahead and put the two does with the buck.  I’ll try to breed them again this morning while it’s cool just to be sure.

So I guess I had better get out there and get the chores done.  At least work went well yesterday.  The other woman that works in prep is back and am I ever glad she is.  I got to leave at 3 yesterday.  I had wanted to try to ride last night, but with all that happened, all I wanted to do is to drink a glass of wine.

Until later …