The weekend is finally here!

Two days off in a row!  Yee ha!!!  Now if I can only gather up enough energy to get some things done.  It’s pretty soupy outside and the air quality is bad.  That makes me feel very lethargic.  I have to head to Hickory around 10 to meet a woman delivering an American Chinchilla buck to me and before I meet her, I am going to run errands, do what little bit of grocery shopping that I need to do and then get back home.  Tonight Wally and I have to go to a wake and the plan is to stay in on Sunday and lay low.  That means I need to dig through my boxes of summer work clothes to find something to wear.  Hopefully my mascara will still work and I’ll remember how to put it on.

The squash and cucumber plants that I planted in the containers are not doing well.  I believe it’s high temperatures now that is causing the damage.  I’m going to put a couple more seeds in each pot to try to get young plants going which will hopefully mature when it gets a little cooler.  Maybe, just maybe, I can spend some time in the garden this weekend and get a handle on that.  I’m about ready to give up on the gardening and admit that I’m just not a gardener.  I guess I’m just stretching myself too thin.

I did some feeling around to check about getting a buck for this year’s breeding season.  It didn’t surprise me to find out that I’m going to have to spend at least $150 to get a buck of breeding age and that’s without papers.  Last year we bought our buck as a bottle baby for $75 without papers and raised him up and I was so looking forward to using him this year, but it wasn’t meant to be.  There are no good Alpine breeders in our immediate area so we are going to have to drive at least an hour, probably more to get one.  I’m really angry about this situation.

I’ve started to make cheese in earnest.  I want to have plenty in the freezer for the winter months.  The chickens and ducks enjoy the whey; pigs would too if we had them.  Too bad it isn’t helping them to lay better or maybe it is and most of them are laying elsewhere.  I know some of them are and I’m dreading having to go into the woods where I think they are laying.  I’m about ready to get out of the chicken business too; at least the free-range chicken business.  While they are useful for moving manure, chickens and ducks are a PITA.  Good thing I like good eggs.

While I was getting ready to go to work yesterday morning, I saw several cats ganging up around something.  I went out look to see what it was I discovered it was a baby rabbit.  One of the does from the former rabbit experiment must of got bred before the buck found a new home and delivered the bunnies somewhere.  The baby rabbit was still alive so I brought it in the house and put it in a shoe box, fully expecting it to be dead when I got home from work.  It was not and it’s made it through the night.  I am feeding it goat milk and it seems to be doing okay.  We’ll see.  Last night I looked for the nest but didn’t find it.  For all I know, the cats wiped out the rest of the babies.  That’s what cats do and it is their job to keep the property free of rodents and they do a good job of it.

I bred both Creme does this week.  One of them was being very uncooperative with the buck so I just left her in with him and plan to do so for a few more days.  Assuming however, they haven’t killed each other.  I checked on them several times yesterday evening after I put them together and they seemed fine.  I’m pretty sure the other doe bred properly, but I may put her back in with the buck for a few days when I take the other one out.  Once the new Chin buck settles in, I’m going to breed one of the Chin does to him and the other to the one I have.  Hopefully we’ll have baby rabbits galore in a month or so.

I listed Sudi for sale earlier week.  I had to come to terms with the fact that as much as I like him; I’m not going to get past my fear enough to ride him.  It is a huge waste for him to be sitting in a pasture.  We have a new farrier coming out this week and I called him yesterday to see how flexible his time was because I was planning on not having Sudi trimmed unless/until someone was interested in looking at him.  This farrier is a bit odd, but I think he may end up being one of those special people that come into my life and make a difference.  He said that he works on a schedule and doesn’t do special calls like that.  I hung up and went on with my day.  Around 7:00 last night when I was out getting ready to milk he called again and wanted to know what was going on.  Huh?  He said that he was thinking about our telephone conversation all day and wanted to know what was going on.  I then told him about Sudi, briefly about my history with horses that destroyed my confidence and that Sudi was for sale.  He said that he knows a lot of endurance people and wanted to know more about Sudi.  He then said he could help me sell him.  Okay, we’ll see.  He’s very much into the Parelli method and has in the past done the hooves of horses owned by Parelli.  I have found that a lot of the people who practice Parelli are very spiritual in nature and this farrier is no exception.  His visit on Thursday ought to be very interesting.  He only charges $40 for a trim and $40 really isn’t a lot of money, but it is.  You can buy a lot for $40 and to spend it on a horse that is just sitting around just doesn’t make any sense.  We can’t afford to have much of anything just sitting around here.  Everything/everybody needs to contribute.

Now, hopefully I can at least get Ace saddled up with the Theraflex pad to see if that alone is going to be enough to keep the saddle off his withers or if I’m going to have to get some shims to help until he puts on enough weight and develops muscle along his back for the Theraflex to work alone.  Early in the year when I did ride Sudi the saddle was riding on his withers unless I used the Theraflex.  I probably wouldn’t have to use the Theraflex for him now because he’s filled out considerably since we got him.  Sudi looked pretty rough when I first bought him.  He now looks like a war horse.

When Wally gets home from work this afternoon he’s going to finish mowing so that would be a good time for me to ride.  Gone are the days when I felt confident enough to saddle up a horse and ride when no one was around to keep tabs on when I got back.  I’ve gone out for too many rides and fallen off to feel like I can do that.  Yes, I could have saddled up Rosie and felt comfortable riding her alone, but I plain didn’t like riding Rosie so I didn’t.  She’s getting her hide rode of now which is exactly what she needed.  I think in time I’ll feel comfortable enough riding Ace to just go out in ride.  Of course, who wants to ride with it’s 90 plus degrees out and that’s what it will be this afternoon.

I guess it’s time to head out to milk.  I purposely put it off until later because we are going to milk after we get home from the wake this evening.  While I don’t have an udder, I am assuming having a full udder in the cool morning is not as bad as one when it’s hot and humid.

Until later …