Will Work for Rib Eye

Gel got another job last night.  Catching up and then loading about 20 goats.  He did a fine job and was in his glory.  Only two escaped once we got them caught up:  the billy goat and a tiny kid.  After we got the first bunch loaded, I sent Gel back for the billy and kid.  He was incredibly gentle with the kid who was running all over the place trying to evade escape.  He wasn’t successful in his escape attempts and got loaded up with the rest of the goats. After we got them loaded, I asked if we couldn’t let them go and do it again.  Gel would have gladly done it a few more times, if not all night long.

When we got home, he was rewarded with a nice thick rib eye steak, some of the meat which he earned on Saturday rounding up cattle.

Maybe one day I can quit my day job and do critter round-up full-time.  That would suit Gel just fine.

This morning Josey (a/k/a the alligator) cast around the ducks rather than run up the middle snapping.  Good girl!  Now if I can only get her to stop trying to work the cats.  I have to wonder what the cats think of this stupid dog who stands in front of them staring.  Last night she was staring at Splash who took advantage of the situation and head-butted Josey.  Josey wasn’t sure what to think of that and backed off, but quickly came back for more.