Great find!!!

I believe I wrote yesterday that I had to go to Hickory to pick up an American Chinchilla buck from a lady who lives up near the Virginia border who was traveling through Hickory yesterday.  She ended up coming through Hickory several hours earlier than what she had originally planned so my plans of doing some errands including grocery shopping before getting the buck got changed.  When I got home and got the buck settled, I decided to drive down to Dallas to pick up the four rabbit cages I ordered earlier in the week so I could put the new buck in the building with the rest of the rabbits.  It’s a lot cooler in there than out where the hutches are located and I want him to be comfortable.  Before heading to Dallas I delivered some farm products to a woman who lives in Maiden and on my way to the highway, decided to stop at a local restaurant/gas station/convenience store for a quick bite to eat and I had one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time there.  While I was waiting on my burger, I read the local sale paper and was I ever excited to see a two and a half year old French Alpine buck for sale with a Hickory number to call.  I called immediately and the buck was still available.  He came from Iron Rod Farm up in Virginia, a very well established breeder of French Alpines.  As soon as Wally got him we hooked up the trailer and drove out to look at him.  He was pastured less than ten miles from our house so it was a quick trip over there.

He’s a kick-ass buck and he was in with a small herd of mixed-breed does and a few sheep and he wasn’t running the does.  The man was asking $250 for him with papers and wouldn’t come down and given the pedigree on the buck, his condition and that he’s proven made him worth that much money.  After we paid for the buck and loaded him up, the man asked if we had any chickens for sale.  Well yes we do.  Several days ago I decided to sell my Brown Leghorn and Blue Wyandotte hens.  The Brown Leghorns because they are not good about laying in the nest box and the Blue Wyandottes because they are so broody.  They followed us back home and bought eight hens for $10 each which is a really good price for hens.  He also may be coming back to get the rabbit hutches that we are not using.

How exciting that we found a buck and got him with papers for technically less than $200.  This year we are going to make a separate buck pen and keep this guy for at least two seasons.  This is his father; this is his grandmother on the sire’s side; this is his grandmother on his dam’s side.  I couldn’t find pictures of his mother on-line.  I’m pretty excited about this guy and what he’ll produce; I’m not excited about dealing with an adult buck, but I’ll manage.

So here it is quarter of twelve on Sunday and both Wally and I are being incredibly lazy.  He’s got to finish mowing the lawn and I need to get down into the garden and see if I can pick enough tomatoes to make fresh tomato sauce to use for the lasagna I’m going to make today.  At Goodwill I found two really pretty heavy casserole dishes and they are crying out for me to make something in them.  Yesterday I found this recipe for eggplant meatballs and if there are still some eggplants down there, and I think there are, I might try this recipe.

Until later …