A chill in the air!

The alarm woke me this morning which is usual.  I’m usually awake at least an hour before the alarm is set to go off.  I was tired most of the day yesterday so I think I needed the sleep last night.  It’s downright cool out there this morning!  We won’t need the A/C today.  I’m going to try to find time to ride Ace tonight; we’ll see if that comes to pass.  It looks like Hurricane Irene is going to track further east of the Carolinas so we may not get anything from it … which is a good thing!  On the list of to-do things for this weekend is getting a tarp up over the remaining ShelterLogic building in an attempt to protect it from future storm damage.  Also to-do is to make two more stands for rabbit cages.

The guy I got the buck from came out and bought the smaller of the two rabbit hutches.  The last time he looked at it, he was going to put quail in it; last night it was guinea fowl.  I don’t think he knows what he wants.  It was his brother that might have been interested in the larger one, but they didn’t take it, which is fine.  I’m just going to keep it as it will be a good cage to use for growing out babies to butchering size.  We’ll just need to move it up closer to where the rabbit building is located so they’ll all be in the same general vicinity.  Wally put an extension on the hose that we use up near the house so it now reaches to the end of the rabbit building so I can water all of the rabbits with the hose.  The guy said he’d be coming back in a week or so to buy the rest of the Brown Leghorn hens, but I’m thinking I won’t sell any more hens this year.  They are still laying poorly and I’m a bit at a loss as to why.  They are getting plenty of grain and forage.  Yesterday, I brought my scrap bucket into MM to catch table scraps to feed to them for variety.

Yesterday morning I set up an Excel chart tracking the date the does (both rabbit and goat) were bred and their estimated due dates.  I had not been registering my goats with the American Dairy Goat Association, but I decided to go ahead and send in the registrations for the goats I’ve bought recently as well as Billie whom I bought in 2009.  It took over a year to get her papers from the woman I bought her from.  I’ll never do that again … papers get exchanged with the money, no waiting on them.  It’s going to cost me $30 to get all of the adults registered then I’ll register the youngsters the beginning of next year when I renew my AGDA membership.  There’s no sense in renewing it now given how late in the year it is.  As long as I register the youngsters before they are 30 months old I can do it relatively inexpensively.

Work is going okay.  It was slow yesterday and it will probably be slow the rest of the week due to school starting.  Yesterday, I got out before 2:00 which was my choice; I could have easily stayed until 3:00.  I let the other prep lady stay and finish to get the hours knowing I’ll pick up the hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I had to go to the grocery store on the way home and also had to finish canning the tomato sauce I made on Sunday.  That brings me to about 24 quarts of canned tomatoes; not quite enough, but it may have to do.  I could buy a box of tomatoes from the tomato field up the street, but I’d really rather not do that given how much I know they spray that crop.  Best to stick with the organic tomatoes we grew and when they are gone, buy organic canned tomatoes when they are on sale.  Oh and keep beating myself up for not doing a better job in the garden.

A have a bucket-full of eggplant to do something with in the next couple of days.  I bought the ingredients I needed to make the eggplant meatball recipe I spoke of a few days ago so maybe I’ll try to get that done today or tomorrow.

We took front, back and side photos of Sudi last night for a woman who wanted them.  I sent them to her and she wrote back telling me that she’d let me know if she wanted to come and see him, which means she is no longer interested so I shouldn’t have wasted my time taking the photos.  Because I am not willing to reduce the price I have him listed at, I may not be able to sell him and may need to make another plan.  I’m not going to sell him for less than I paid for him.

Until later …