Look! I’m riding! I’m riding!!!

I got of work early again yesterday, came home and got my seeds together with the intention of getting at least some of them in the ground, but couldn’t find the newest seeds I bought: carrots in pelleted form.  The seed company coats the tiny seeds with clay to make them easier to plant.  I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find them.  That’s irritating.

When Wally got home, we went out and got Ace saddled up with the intention of my riding him over to the vet’s house for a health check and to draw blood for a Coggins test.  I was scared to death all the way up there, but Ace didn’t take a wrong step.  I am very pleased to report that the Theraflex pad worked like a charm.  It’s probably been a long time since Ace has had a saddle on that didn’t either ride on his withers or have a girth that galled him.  When we arrived at the vet’s house, we took off his saddle and bridle for the vet to check him over.  The first thing he said was “good looking horse.”  He told us that sure he was thin, but that it was easier looking at a horse’s structure when he’s a bit thin.  His vet check was clear and he was pronounced sound.  The vet drew blood for the Coggins and I saddled him back up and headed out to the trails behind the vet’s office.  I haven’t been out there since I had Merlin.  Part of the trail is along a pasture where the vet keeps cattle.  The fence is high tensile and very, very hot (I know, I touched it numerous times while Gwen was up there being bred).  I was scared riding along it imagining Ace spooking at something in the woods and running into the electric fence (can you imagine the train wreck that would cause?), but we had no problems.  We went out on the trials in the woods.  He crossed a small creek without hesitation and we wandered through the woods until we came to another creek crossing.  This one has a large drainage pipe running through it and there’s a steep hill on the other side.  I crossed it numerous times with Merlin who usually jumped the creek and barreled up the hill.  Ace was ready to cross, but I chickened out.

It’s sad that I now have so much fear of riding.

The remainder of the ride went well and I came back up our driveway with a huge smile on my lips.  Hopefully I’ll be able to ride tonight.  I rode Ace without a tie down and he was fine.  The next time I ride him I’m going to switch to a regular snaffle bit and see how he does.  Last night I rode him with a twisted snaffle (what his previous owners were running him in).  Regarding the Theraflex pad: when I was researching it, I found more bad reviews than good.  What I read again and again was that the rough texture of the pad caused abrasions on the horse’s back.  While I didn’t ride him long enough to know for sure, Ace’s back looked fine when I took the pad off.  How it made the saddle fit and ride was wonderful.  Hopefully that will continue to be the case.  This may be the one purchase where my former farrier did not lead me wrong.

Work has been really, really slow.  While I don’t like having my hours cut, it’s kind of nice to be able to work at a more leisurely pace.  I expect today is going to be really slow as well.

The buck was very busy while I was milking yesterday morning.  I believe he bred three does in succession; all the time I was milking I could hear snorting and see urine flying.  Bucks are gross, really, really gross. I think we might shave his beard off this weekend.  He pees on it and then puts his head in a water trough and turns the water yellow.  Bucks are REALLY GROSS.  We are going to have a lot of babies in January.  After I got back from my ride Wally and I went down to water the animals in the lower pasture.  Gwen was up in the paddock getting herself a drink.  She’s in wonderful shape with a large belly all on grass.  At the same time I was thinking it, Wally said “wouldn’t it be nice of Ty (our vet) missed the calf and she is pregnant?”  Maybe one day we’ll find Gwen in the pasture with a calf.

Off to watch wild goat sex milk.

Until later …