Oh happy Saturday!!!!!!

I was in a really ugly and teary mood to begin with at work on Friday, but then I picked myself up by my boot clog straps and said screw it.  This place is not going to get me down.  So I livened up and got through the day.  I stayed past 3:00 making sure the other prep lady wouldn’t be able to stay until 4:00 to finish up.  I was on the schedule to stay until 3, she was until 4.  The crappy thing is, even without her getting one of my days, she had quite a bit more scheduled hours than I do.  Whatever.

While I was in my ugly mood, I was putting curses on various people working there.  I’m so evil.

Anyway, I found out that the General Manager fired the newly hired manager.  Not sure why.  I’m sure there will be a note on the bulletin board explaining why by the time I get in on Monday.  That restaurant is running through managers.  As it turned out, I went in to talk to the GM about my schedule right after he fired the manager so I’m sure his mood was pretty crappy.


The week is over for me; Wally is working today, but only part of the day.  We are going to meet his sister for lunch when he gets out of work, do our errands and when we get back home, he’ll mow and I’m going to ride Ace.  I’m toying with using my Marciante saddle instead of the barrel saddle, but I’ll probably stick with the more secure barrel saddle for a few more rides.

On the to-do list this week is to get the tarp up over the still-standing ShelterLogic building.  I so hope that preserves it for at least another year.  Also, we are going to make the stands for the new rabbit cages.  While I milk Sunday morning, Wally will bring up the trimming stand and we’ll put the buck up on that and shave his nasty beard off.  Wally only works four days next week and early Friday morning, he’s driving to Ohio to visit with his daughter.  He’ll be gone until Monday.  We haven’t been apart for almost three years now.  It’s going to be hard on me.  I’m going to be on pins and needles the whole time worrying about him.  I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to him.  Wally is my life-line.

There’s a chicken swap at the local horse show grounds this morning and I’ll probably stop by there to see what there is to see.  I’m sort of expecting it to not be much of anything, but you never know.  Our chickens are still laying like crap.  I have to pick up rabbit grain this morning and as much as I hate to feed it to them, I might pick up a bag of layer crumbles and see if that makes a difference or not.  We normally feed the chickens a mixed-grain scratch and they get a good amount of milk, whey and whatever else they may find to eat (and there’s almost always pieces of meat, dead frogs, bugs, etc. around for them to find).  One would think that is a varied enough diet with plenty of protein, but there may be something missing.  My gut says I don’t need to feed a commercially-prepared, soy-laden food that looks like cat litter to get them to lay.  Bet I stick with my gut and don’t get the grain.  It may be just that I’ve got a bunch of older hens out there and they simply are not laying much any more.  I see a lot of feathers in the poultry pasture so a lot of them may be moulting which decreases laying.  I think what we need to do is to pick up 20 or so hens once or maybe even twice a year, choosing a different breed each time, culling them out when they are two or so years old.  I miss the eggs!  Our customers miss the eggs! I want to do some cooking this weekend and I may have to buy eggs which sucks.

Yesterday afternoon we picked up another one of those huge bales of alfalfa hay.  We stored the previous one under a tarp in a dog run, but we decided to put this one down where the former ShelterLogic hay house was located.  We were going to just put a tarp up over it, but instead, Wally constructed hoop house frame over it and then put a tarp on it.  He came in saying it was a crappy way to store hay, but it’s all we have.  I’m hoping Tractor Supply puts the ShelterLogic building on sale for Labor Day.  They usually do.  If they do not, we’ll still get it and hopefully get it put up the weekend after next.

A great quote came up this morning on Facebook via the Polyface Farm Blog (yes, I do look at Facebook on occasion a couple of times a day, damned addictive web site):

“Those who never make mistakes, never make anything.”

– Kimber Kauffmann

I make lots of things and I make millions of mistakes, but I’m living my life and that’s a good thing.  I hate to fail, I live in fear of failing (I live in fear of a lot of things!), but that doesn’t stop me from doing things.  I suppose if you stop making mistakes or having failures, you stop living.

Until later …