A very good and productive weekend.

We got a lot done this weekend.  Most importantly I rode Ace for over two hours on Saturday and it went great.  It seems Ace is truly an ace.

I’m tired and not looking forward to going to work.  I think I’m still bitter about loosing my shift; I don’t like change and I guess I am protective of my shifts.  I’ve had them for a long time now and I hate loosing them.  It’s just the principle of the matter.  If I thought it would make a difference, I’d cry throughout my whole shift, but it won’t matter.  It did matter when one other employee did just that when she lost a shift, but it won’t for me.

So I’m not going to write any more and am going to get my chores done early, get in to work as early as I can and get it done and over with so I can come back to my sanctuary until it happens all over again on Tuesday.

Until later …