Got the garden in!!!!!!

Yea!!!  Now all I need to do is water it and keep an eye on the weather.  Because I got most of the crops in two weeks later than I should have, I’ll need to watch for early frosts.  There’s a chance for heavy rain on Monday and if that indeed is the case I’ll need to put row covers over the beds where I planted tiny seeds.  I mixed the tiny carrot, beet and rutabaga seeds with peat moss and then sowed them in rows and gently raked soil over the seeds.  Hopefully that will work.  I hate working with tiny seeds.  I never did find the pelleted carrot seeds I bought.  Maybe they’ll turn up in time for spring planting.  I also planted lettuce, arugula, spinach and Mesclun between the rows.  I put a crop of green beans in one of the small beds; that’s the one crop I am really pushing for harvesting a crop before frost.

In addition to the garden, I put wire around the back and sides of the rabbit cage stands.  I need to buy more wire to make removable panels to go across the front.  Wally will put the wood along the bottom of the stands when he gets back from Ohio.

I slept terrible last night.  The milk refrigerator ran almost constantly.  When I got up, I took everything out of it and turned it off.  We can’t afford a new refrigerator right now, so we’ll need to go back to using the main refrigerator to store milk.  Never again will we buy a used refrigerator.  I couldn’t fit the pan of lasagna that was in the refrigerator’s freezer into any of the other freezers so we’ll have that for supper tonight.  That makes for an easy supper. We now have two small freezers chock full of stuff … need to get that used up.

Baby update:  Tootie’s (the cat) babies are doing great.  The baby rabbit died a day after I found him.  My landlady found one a week or so after and it died within the same time frame.  Apparently it’s difficult to raise baby rabbits, or most likely they die from infection from the bacteria from the cat bite.

Off to milk.

Until later …